The lovely beach of Krios is situated at a distance of 2 km northern to the capital of Paros. Krios and Marcello are part of a single beach and are extended up to the northern part of Parikia Bay, the Agios Fokas cape.This sandy beach has clear blue waters and is well protected from strong summer winds.

Krios has a great view of the town of Parikia and the surrounding landscape. It is well-organized with sunbeds and umbrellas and has a tavern at the sea front, where you may enjoy a coffee, refreshments and a meal.

Access to the beach is very easy by taxi, car or motorbike. Moreover, you can catch one of the excursion boats departing daily from Parikia and stop at Krios. In close distance, there are other beautiful beaches and also many hotels and rooms to rent.

Source: – Krios Beach