The sandy beach of Faragas is situated at a distance of 15 kilometers southern to the town of Parikia, close enough to Aliki. Faragas is a well protected from the wind beach with white sand and deep blue waters. Despite the fact that it is a very well-organised beach, it keeps its company-like style away from the movement and the noise of the settlements. The sea is crystal clear and the beach has nice rocks, secluded parts, fine sand and dunes beside the sea.

Visitors come from all over Paros to enjoy a swim, to relax having coffee or a drink under the umbrellas and the sea trees. There is a bar –tavern at the beach, where you may complete the pleasure of swimming and sunbathing, by tasting the dishes of the local kitchen. On the far left and right ends of the beach, there are rocks of curious formations and beyond them two more small beaches. It is ideal for people who enjoy snorkeling.

Source: – Faragas Beach