Just a few minutes south of Parikia in the area of Petaloudes we come across the mystical Butterfly Valley. This small but lush environment contrasts with the island’s dry landscape, it offers visitors the sensation of walking into a thick rain forest, the air thickens and the sound of running water is present. This small patch of land has become the breeding grounds for a particular species of butterfly called the Jersey Tiger. This species is distinguished for its yellow V-shaped stripes on the forewings and the vibrant red with black dots on hind wings.

They lay their eggs in August and spend the winter as caterpillars only to transform into butterflies during the first months of spring. Jersey Tigers are known to gather on ivy leaves and shady rocks. Butterfly valley with its unique environment is the perfect home for this species and they inhabit it by the thousands. At first it is hard to distinguish them from the background but soon you realize that what you are looking at is a vast tapestry of butterflies, a truly serene place to visit.