The castle of Kefalos Hill looms over the east side of Marpissa village and situated on its peak is 17th century monastery of Agios Antonios. The hike from Marpissa to the monastery, which takes about 30 minutes, is one of the most interesting trails that Paros has to offer.

Before reaching the peak you encounter many large pure-white stones which is all that remains of the Venetian and the annihilated city of Kefalos. This is where the final act of the Venetian Occupation played out in 1537, when the infamous pirate Barbarossa sacked the castle, driving out Sommaripa’s Venetians who were barricaded in the castle of Kefalos.

Among the rubble are the remains of numerous small churches that were destroyed and plundered. When you reach the peak you can admire the monastery with its old icons and impressive iconostasis that is sculpted out of wood and decorated with gold leafs. The hill is cone shaped and is actually an extinct volcano and the view of eastern Paros is bewitching. The monastery is only open in the morning during the summer months.