Kostos is the smallest village in Paros and it is located on the road that connects Parikia with Lefkes. It is 7 km southeast of Parikia and is built at 160m altitude. It’s an agricultural village found during the Enetic times and still stays away from tourism.

In the entrance of Kostos you will enjoy the high pines of the square and you will drink your coffee in one of the traditional cafes that are around the square, along with the hospitable people of the village. Moreover, you should visit the church of Saint Panteleimonas  and walk in the white picturesque streets which will lead you to the house where Athanasios Parios a great Greek nation’s teacher of the pre Greek Revolution period was born.

Kostos is a village with noticeable feasts during summer months, such as the feast of Agia Marina on July 17th and Agios Panteleimonas on June 27th.