Advice from the car rental company ParosEuropean Rent in Paros!

Every time you make a car rental, you should also choose what insurance you want.

The most common insurance in car rentals and the one that we recommend in our company ParosEuropean Rent is the combined insurance with CDW liability waiver. Its price varies depending on the category of the vehicle you choose.

CDW insurance is a combined insurance that the renter participates in an amount for the damages of the car.

For example, if you book a car with CDW combined insurance and €400 exemption, then you pay this €400 as a guarantee which is either returned to you if the vehicle is not damaged or, in case of damage, offset against the cost of restoration.

So, if you are involved in an accident due to your own fault, your liability is up to the amount of the deposit you have advanced. Any damage above this amount is covered by your insurance.

CDW insurance covers the entire vehicle except for damage to tires, rims, mirrors, windows, car interior and windshield.

For damage to these parts, the renter has 100% responsibility without any exemption, as he bears the full cost of the damage.