Paros is an idyllic place to have your dream wedding  or your child’s christening.

There are lots of beautiful churches and white-washed chapels by the mountains or by the sea to suit all tastes.  We know that there is a lot to organise for a successful wedding, which is why we want to take the pressure off and arrange the transfers for you.

Our company can offer you a fleet of new and well maintained vehicles to move around safely. And trying to keep the prices low, we can offer you a 15% discount if your group hire over 5 vehicles.

Plus, we have a large selection of luxurious cars of which you can choose the suitable one for you, that you are free to decorate for the ceremony.

Finally, you could hire a chauffeur driven car with a highly trained driver that can drive the groom or the bride either to the church or to the reception or wherever else they wish.