All year round, but especially during the summer, the visitor of Paros, has the opportunity to celebrate with the inhabitants of the island, in one of the many festivals that take place.

There are many occasions for celebration in a place that knows how to honor Greek customs and traditions. Traditional delicacies, seafood or not, have the leading role, local wine and music unites the hearts of those present and cheers the soul.

Combine your holidays with the traditional festivals of Paros, where they take place in various seaside or mountain villages. For easy transportation, you can rent a vehicle from our company, ParosEuropean Rent, where you will find a wide variety of cars, buggy,    quad / atv, motorcycles and scooters at the best market prices.

Below you will find the most popular summer festivals in calendar order:

    • June 23: The Festival of Klidonas. They celebrate the lighting of the fire, in which the May Day wreaths are burned, and then the young people and children indulge in jumps, which dispel the evil spirits, according to tradition.
    • June 30: Celebrates the Eve of the feast, the monastery of Agioi Anargyroi, near Parikia.
    • July 2: Special events and happenings at the famous Fish and Wine Festival in Naoussa.
    • 16 & 17 July: The festival of Agia Marina, in the village “Kostos”
    • July 17: Revival of Tsambouna in Naoussa
    • July 24: Feast of Agia Anna, in Parikia.
    • August 6: Feast of the Savior in Aliki and Marpissa.
    • August 15: August 15 in Paros means Panagia Ekatontapyliani. Thousands of believers gather at the Holy Pilgrimage and watch the events with great enthusiasm. The divine service that takes place with all formality, is followed by the great parade and the procession of images in the streets of Parikia. At night, all the boats in the port are illuminated and an incredible spectacle with dozens of sparklers floods the sky with light. Following are events with traditional music and dances, on the beach of Parikia.
    • August 23: The Festival of Pirates takes place on the occasion of the anniversary of the invasion of Barbarossa in Naoussa, in 1537. Then, the men of the legendary pirate, stole the women of Naoussa and they fought to get them back.
    • 28 & 29 August: , the monastery of Ai Giannis Detis celebrates and it is located in the Environmental & Cultural Park, while a festival is held in the village of “Lefkes”.