Advice from the car rental company ParosEuropean Rent in Paros!

The use of seat belts for the driver and all passengers, including infants and children, is mandatory. We strongly request all passengers travelling in one of our vehicles to wear a seat belt. With the safety technology that modern cars have today, the airbag safety features are only effective when the driver and passengers wear their seat belts.

Children and babies should sit in child seats and be restrained by seat belts. Children under 10 cannot sit in the front seat. The K.O.K., in this case, is enlightening: “For the transport of children under the age of 12 by car, it is mandatory to use special means of restraint and protection such as seats, safety belts, etc.

The fine is 350 euros.” Also, in another article it is stated: “It is forbidden for children under the age of 12 to sit next to the driver, as long as they are not restrained with an approved restraint system suitable for their age, height and weight”. The Greek Police carry out strict controls on the use of seat belts and other safety devices. However, the main reason for following the above rules is your own safety and the safety of those riding in your vehicle.

At our company, ParosEuropean Rent, having foreseen the above needs, we have the latest technology child seats while at the same time we carry out strict maintenance and checks on the safety systems of each of our vehicles. All child seat covers are washed after each use to ensure the health of your children.