Advice from the car rental company ParosEuropean Rent in Paros!

1. Use your seat belt

In every journey, all passengers, whether sitting in the front or in the back, must wear their seat belts correctly.

2. Keep the necessary distances

Always keep the “2 second” distance rule between your rental car and the car in front. Remember that in the event of a traffic accident, the car behind is always at fault.

3. Protect your neck!

Adjust the headrest of your seat so that you are protected from possible neck injuries.

4. Adapt your driving to the speed limits

Do not exceed the speed limit! Adjust your speed based on the predicted limits and reduce your speed even further in unpredictable weather conditions.

5. Be focused!

Even a moment of distraction can be fatal. Driving requires your undivided attention.

6. Take breaks if you feel tired

Never drive if you are tired. On long journeys, take a 15-minute break from driving, at least every 2 hours.

7. Turn off your cell phone

There is no conversation or message more important than your life or someone else’s life.

8. Do not drive if you have consumed alcohol

Any amount of alcohol in the blood (even a small amount) affects your driving ability and your reflexes.

9. Protect yourself and those around you

Check once, check twice! Drive carefully when you see cyclists, pedestrians and other travellers.

10. Keep your cool!

Drive calmly, politely and without irritation. You too can help reduce aggressive driving that leads to more accidents and increases stress levels.